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Greeting and Thank-you Cards

It is always the right time of the year to send cards. Whether it is a thank-you card, a holiday card, a birthday card, or a card just showing appreciation they are always welcome. 

For businesses sending a card to a customer demonstrates how much you truly appreciate them. But don't stop there, sending cards to your suppliers, neighbors, and prospects is just a good idea. Sending a greeting card will solidify your relationship and help keep your name at “top-of-mind” with the recipients.

If you are looking for a personalized card design we can help. Have a favorite picture that you want to use - we can incorporate that into your design and make your cards truly personal. For businesses we can create a custom card incorporating your logo and for holiday greeting cards we can add a great holiday touch. 

If you are looking for a more classic design, we can help as well. We have a large selection of pre-designed cards that can be personalized with your selection of a verse and your name. 

Sending holiday cards? To be most effective you want to stand out from other holiday greetings. Check some holiday designs here.
One effective way to stand out is to send your holiday greeting early – as soon as Thanksgiving. Doing this will beat the flood in the mailbox and it is likely your greeting card will be retained and displayed until the first of the year.
A second way to stand out is by using a unique holiday design perhaps using your logo in a holiday setting.
At The Print Raven we have all the resources you need, we have a variety of card stocks and card layouts for you to select from and we will help you design that perfect card. And, if you want to really standout, we can print some holiday envelopes for you as well.
Call us at (928) 773-1105 or stop by our store at 1300 S Milton Rd in Flagstaff to get started.