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Why should I send a PDF file for printing?

Depending on your specific project we may ask you to send a PDF file for printing or we may ask you to send the native file and a PDF
When creating a document that you'd like someone else to print, sending it as a PDF is nearly always best. PDF format will save the document as is. But when saving your document, for instance, as a Word document things can change. When you are working with another person (on a different computer) it’s a common problem that a layout will change. Fonts can be different, text boxes resized, margins adjusted, styles are altered, and pages can be added. 
So if you'd like your document to look as you made it, save it as a PDF. For complicated projects we may also ask for a native file and fonts that you may have used (for inDesign we may ask you to "package" the project for us). Having access to the native file will allow us to make adjustments for proper printing (such as adding bleeds and safe areas). Don't worry, if we need to make any significant changes we will send you a proof for approval.